Art Deco Cabinet

For the Microminis yahoo group, Ladybug (Sue Anne Thwaite) designed and had a special cabinet made that could be used for a baby house in art deco. She kindly provided me with an unstained prototype, so I could finish it myself.  The first step was to attach some very pretty amboyna burl, and then stain the remainder a dark walnut brown.  The deco medallion at the bottom was also covered in amboyna, and the area inside filed out a bit to provide space for a 9 V battery.  The entire piece was then sprayed with lacquer and lightly sanded.   The plan is to run wiring up the outside back from the battery, and link into lights on each of the floors.  Because the lighting will bring down the ceilings slightly, the furnishings will be 1/120 scale.

When the time comes, this blog will chronicle some of the activities involved in filling the cabinet!

Amboyna Burl   Battery view   Front viewSide view